Heads up, I never finished this comic. I finished just over 100 pages (halfway thru the planned story) and then went to the Center for Cartoon Studies where I spent 2 years honing my comic-making craft. This story got pushed to the side, from which it never returned. I still like it, but it was a learning experience and I don’t plan on returning to it. Please feel free to read on, but don’t expect a resolution. If for some reason you’re dying to know how it ends, Bro breaks up with his gf, who is a thinly veiled fictionalization of a girl I dated years ago. The big finale was a very on-the-nose coming out story for Clarence. And last but not least, Demos hooks up with Nabi and ends up on taking control of his stutter by becoming a stage actor in his high school drama class.

It certainly isn’t my best drawing… or writing… but I’m still glad I made it. It helped shape what I’d be creating for years to come!